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If you’re living with gum disease, deep cleanings can prevent the infection from spreading and preserve your oral health. At Pacific Coast Periodontics in the Union Square neighborhood of San Francisco, California, Sohyun Park, DDS, and the team offer nonsurgical periodontal therapy with scaling and root planing. To make an appointment, call the office to speak with a caring member of the administrative staff or click the online booking tool today.

Deep Cleanings Q & A

What are deep cleanings?

A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, is an outpatient procedure that treats advanced gum disease.

By undergoing a deep cleaning, it’s possible to eliminate harmful bacteria, preserve your gum tissue, and prevent more serious oral health problems like tooth loss or bone decay.

Deep cleanings can take one or multiple appointments. The number of deep cleanings you’ll need depends on several factors, including your age, health history, and the severity of the gum disease.

Who can benefit from deep cleanings?

At Pacific Coast Periodontics, the team uses deep cleanings to treat chronic gum disease.

Chronic gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup causes your gums to pull away from your teeth. This process forms pockets where harmful bacteria can collect and cause additional damage.

Without early diagnosis and treatment, chronic gum disease increases the risk of potentially serious oral health problems like:

  • Bone and tissue loss
  • Tooth loss Loose teeth
  • Moving teeth

It’s possible to prevent gum disease by practicing good oral hygiene. The team recommends brushing and flossing daily and visiting your dentist at least two times a year for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning.

What do deep cleanings involve?

At the beginning of a deep cleaning, your provider administers a local anesthetic to numb your gums. Once the anesthesia sets in, they use a handheld tool called a scaler to carefully remove plaque and tartar from between your teeth and beneath your gums.

After removing the plaque and tartar, your provider smooths out your tooth roots, a process called planing. Planing makes it possible for your gums to reattach to your teeth.

Depending on the severity of gum disease, your dentist might also apply medication directly to your gums to reduce the chance of an infection.

Are deep cleanings safe?

Deep cleanings are safe and usually well-tolerated. What’s more, they offer a proven track record of success.

Studies show that deep cleanings significantly lower the risk of serious complications, including tooth, bone, and tissue loss, associated with chronic gum disease.

What is recovery like following deep cleanings?

Following a deep cleaning, you can return to normal activities right away. About a week after your initial treatment, you return to Pacific Coast Periodontics for a follow up. The team assesses your gums to make sure the procedure was successful.

To prevent gum disease from returning, brush and floss daily, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and visit your dentist for routine cleanings.

To further explore deep cleanings, make an appointment at Pacific Coast Periodontics by calling the office to speak with a caring member of the administrative staff or clicking the online booking tool today.